Minimalism & Magic

If you’re into magic and witchcraft at all, then you probably follow some Instagram accounts or Tumblr blogs that are full of “witchy aesthetic” posts. People post pictures of candles and tarot cards and crystals, usually laid out with tons of dried herbs and books and other witchy kinds of things. I follow a bunch of Instagram accounts like that, and I’m not here to say anything negative about that kind of content. I love it. I think it’s fun and enchanting and it definitely inspires me to study and practice my craft.

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Before I found minimalism and really started to go down the path of decluttering and living with less, I used to have all sorts of witchy supplies. I had heaps of crystals, a drawer full of candles, 3 tarot decks, dozens of magic related books, and a whole box of dried herbs. I also had all sorts of candles holders, incense burners, little statuettes, and a bunch of little trinkets I had collected. To be fair, I didn’t just collect like this when it came to my craft, I also used to have hundreds of non-magic books, a closet stuffed with unnecessary clothes, and all types of other random things I didn’t use or need. The thing about all the witchy stuff though is that I just didn’t use it. I had a few tools that I consistently used (a tarot deck, my pendulum, a white candle, a couple of stones, sage) and everything else went relatively untouched.

It took me a long time to declutter my “witchy” stuff. I was plagued with the idea of “oh I might need that for something” and I would just shove it back into a drawer. I think a lot of us who practice witchcraft experience that feeling. When it comes to magic, everything has a magical correspondence or property, which can lead us to collecting as much as possible so that we have everything we could ever possibly need for any kind of ritual/spell/altar configuration we want.

Here’s the thing: anything can be used as a magical tool. Anything can be a charm, a talisman, a conduit for magic. Having 30 different kinds of crystals certainly makes a pretty display, but it’s not necessary.

Quick tip: Clear quartz can be used for anything you want. Its energy is easy to clear and charge which makes it an incredibly versatile crystal to have. If you want to minimize your crystal collection, keep your quartz and charge it with whatever intention you need at the time instead of keeping a separate crystal for everything. Cleanse it when you’re done and repeat the process as needed.

My approach with my craft now is the simpler the better. I keep my magic straightforward and my tools minimal. I have a few crystals that I love, my divination tools, a couple of candles, some incense, and some sage. That’s it. That’s all I feel like I need.

Magic isn’t about the tools. It’s not about having a huge altar with tons of statuaries and fancy goblets. It’s about setting your intention and releasing that intention out into the universe. It’s about having faith in the power of the universe to teach and provide for us and our spirits. If you’re not into spiritual stuff, I can imagine the cringing you’re doing right now.

Having all the bells and whistles of witchcraft can be nice, of course. Some people thrive in a home full of talismans and little pieces of magic scattered about. If you’re one of those people, this post isn’t for you. It’s for those of you who, like myself, find all the physical stuff that can come with witchcraft to be exhausting.
It’s okay to let go of it.

You don’t have to have a candle in every color. Keep a few. Or just one. White candles are incredibly versatile. Or don’t keep any. You don’t need candles to practice magic.

You don’t have to have a large herb collection. Keep what you use.

You don’t need to have statuary for your deities on your altar.

You don’t need to spend your money on tons of crystals.

You don’t need to witchy art on your wall. Or witchy jewelry.

You don’t need fancy offering bowls, seven incense burners, and twenty different spells books.

You don’t need anything you don’t use, can’t afford, or don’t want.

Magic will always be available to you as long as you want to practice it. Your intention is the most important part of your craft. You can do every spell or ritual you want to do with just the power of visualization and directing your energy. Tools can be used to help guide us in our practice, but they are only extensions of ourselves. All of the power we put into our tools comes from within us, not the physical object.

I plan to blog more about this subject in the future. I have a lot I want to say, a lot of tips I want to share, but for now I think I’ve made my point. Minimalism and witchcraft are not things that most of us would group together, but they can definitely live in harmony with each other.

I’m curious to know if any of you out there also practice witchcraft, or magic in any sense, and are also minimalists. How do you balance the two?

5 thoughts on “Minimalism & Magic

  1. As someone who’s recently come back to the practice, I think you’ve hit on something I’ve been struggling with. The powerphenalia.
    There’s just so much _stuff_ – candles in every colour ever conceived by the mind, fifty types of incense, an entire geology department or crystals, offering bowls and figurines for every deity that crosses your path, divination tools for every ocassion, feathers and furs and bones and teeth… And the books. I’m a confirmed bibliophile, but don’t get me started on the books. Even altars feel like too much sometimes.
    I think you’ve got the right of it, and I’m going to try cutting it back and moving things that I don’t use on to new homes. The full KonMari. Maybe, by doing that, I’ll end up using the stuff I want to keep more, instead of being overwhelmed into decision paralysis by it all.


    1. I’m so glad this was helpful for you! All that physical stuff can be so overwhelming and it’s just not necessary. I’m hoping to expand on this more in future posts because I think it could be really useful. Thank you so much for reading!


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