January 2019 Favorites

I made a video on my YouTube channel where I went over my favorites for the month, and I didn’t initially think I was going to write a corresponding blog post, but I’m going to give it a go. This may be something I do every month to go with the videos I plan on filming, or it may just be every now and then. Or maybe it’ll just be this one post, I have no idea. There’s a lot I want to write about in this space and I don’t want to bog it down with too many “filler” posts. Not that I think favorites are just filler posts, but I think they can quickly become that if not enough care goes into them.

But with that said, I do want to share with those of you who read my blog the things that I’ve been enjoying this month.


  1. My Own Devices by Dessa. I loved this book so much. Dessa is an Indie rap artist from Minnesota. Her music is fantastic and so is her stage presence. I’ve seen her live twice and both times were incredible. She’s well spoken, creative, and super talented. She released her book a few months ago and it took me a little while to get to it, but I finished it earlier this month and was blown away. Her talent in writing music extends into her personal essays. She talks about her family, her music, and her struggles with falling in and out of love. If you’ve never listened to her music, I highly recommend you do so, and if you like it, you’ll definitely like her book.
  2. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Yes, the Netflix show, I’m sure you’ve heard about it at this point. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up awhile back and was delighted when I saw that Marie Kondo had created a show with Netflix. I think that her method of decluttering and organizing is incredibly helpful and since the show has come out I’ve seen tons of people online getting into the decluttering spirit. My minimalist heart lives for that. I love watching people declutter and organize, so the show was really satisfying for me to watch. Marie Kondo is also the most adorable person on the planet.
  3. Hannah Louise PostonI’ve been binging watching Hannah’s videos lately. She started her YouTube channel last January to document her no buy year and she was a huge inspiration for me embarking on my own no buy. She posted check in videos at the end of every month to track her progress and talk about how she’s feeling in regards to her no buy. It’s been interesting to watch those videos in order and see the ways her attitude towards consumerism changed. If you’re interested in doing a no buy, especially when it comes to makeup/beauty products, I highly recommend checking her out.
  4. Fluffy Brows & Single Shadow Eye Looks. Because I’m not buying new makeup and am trying to break compulsive consumerist habits, I wanted my makeup favorites for the month to be styles rather than products. I always like a good fluffy brow, but I’ve been obsessed with trying to get it perfect lately. I’ve also been enjoying the look of a single eyeshadow buffed out all over the lid instead of intricate looks using several colors to create structure and depth. I still like those looks, but I don’t always have the time to do them. A pretty shimmery shade all over the lid makes it looks like I put in more time than I did.
  5. Black tea. I have a lot of tea; way more tea than one person needs. I have always known this, but something about it really sunk in this month. I have since started to drink more tea on a regular basis so that I can make some kind of dent in that collection. Because I am also trying to cut down on my coffee intake (a hard task for a caffeine addict) I have been gravitating a lot towards my black tea. It’s comforting and gives me just enough of a kick from the caffeine.

So there we are, five things that have been true favorites over the month of January. What have you been enjoying this month? I’d love to know!

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