Fighting the Writing Rut: An Update

Hello again to anyone who has been following along this weird blogging journey of mine. I didn’t mean to take quite such a long break from writing. I was really pleased with how my last post turned out and I let that feeling of accomplishment carry me a bit longer than I wanted. Not only that, last week I had quite the scare when one of my cats (please note that I am 100% a Cat Lady and my cats are my children) had to be taken to the animal hospital. He had a UTI but luckily we caught it before it got really serious. He’s doing much better now, but there were a few days of me just freaking out and being anxious. As a quick note, if you have cats, please make sure they stay hydrated as dehydration is a big contributing factor to UTIs.

In present time, right now, I haven’t been sure what I want to write about. Not knowing has of course led to procrastination and ultimately frustration with myself for putting it off. So here I am, writing and updating, trying to pull myself out of the rut I can feel myself slipping into.

Autumn is finally upon us here. There seems to be no more wild warm summery days, the leaves are changing and falling, and it’s raining more consistently. I have to close the windows at night because it’s getting down into the 40s and 30s, and sweaters have become necessary. I’m trying to make the best of it. I’ve written about my love for summer before, but I know that it’s important to live in the present and to settle into the seasons and what they bring, especially as a witch. Colder seasons are supposed to be times to do inner work and study your craft. I have a list for myself of things to do that will keep me occupied and hopefully help keep my seasonal depression at bay a little. I’m also trying to make sure my living space is cozy and bright. I have a hard time with the cold greyness of winter and I’m hoping to combat the outdoor weather with an indoor space that feels vibrant and warm. If you have any tips for that (especially budget friendly tips) please let me know in the comments.

I suppose that’s it for now. I’m not sure what this post has turned into. Maybe just an update. In the world of professional blogging, an update might not be a suitable enough thing to post. I’m trying to combat the feeling of inadequacy in not having an “important enough” post though and just writing and sharing.

I’m also not sure how I want to leave this off, so goodbye for now and hopefully it won’t be such a long stretch between this post and the next.

P.S. This is my cat, Eli, who was sick. He’s the best.


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